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FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera Series
FLIR Systems is certainly one of world’s largest business firm specializing within the design and manufacturing of thermal imaging cameras, elements and imaging sensors. Based in Wilsonville, Oregon, United States, and founded in 1978. The firm makes thermal cameras and parts for all kinds of commercial and government applications.

Model Image Resolution Battery Price Customer Reviews Our Review Buy on Amazon
FLIR E4 80×60 Li-Ion rechargeable $$ Customer Reviews Our Review
FLIR E5 120×90 Li-Ion rechargeable $$$ Customer Reviews Our Review
FLIR i7 120×120 Li-Ion rechargeable $$$ Customer Reviews Our Review
FLIR E40 160×120 Li-Ion rechargeable $$$ Customer Reviews Our Review
FLIR E50 240×180 Li-Ion rechargeable $$$ Customer Reviews Our Review
FLIR E50bx 240×180 Li-Ion rechargeable $$$ Customer Reviews Our Review
FLIR C2 320×240 Li-Ion rechargeable $$ Customer Reviews Our Review
FLIR E60 320×240 Li-Ion rechargeable $$$$ Customer Reviews Our Review
FLIR E60bx 320×240 Li-Ion rechargeable $$$$ Customer Reviews Our Review
FLIR E8 320×240 Li-Ion rechargeable $$$$ Customer Reviews Our Review

How to Pick the Best Thermal Imaging Camera

Buying a thermal imaging camera is a long term investment. You due to this fact not solely want to pick out the thermal imaging camera that most closely fits your wants but additionally a dependable vendor that may assist you over an extended time frame. Basically 3 key necessities are essential to guage when investigating an appropriate combination of thermal imaging camera, software program and coaching:

1 – Image quality
2 – Thermal sensitivity
3 – Accuracy

1- Image Quality. Image quality or camera resolution is one of most important factor of the tool. The most affordable entry level models of thermal camera have a resolution of 60 x 60 pixels, while the advanced high end models have a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. The thermal imaging cameras with a 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 pixels resolution can make superior image quality. But for more advanced inspections the 640 x 480 pixels resolution is becoming the standard for professional thermographers. A thermal camera with 640 x 480 pixels has 307,200 measurement points in one image which is four times more than a camera with 320 x 240 pixels and 76,800 measurement points. Not only will the measurement accuracy be better, but there is also a huge difference in the image quality. High resolution helps to see, measure and understand more accurately.

High resolution cameras also resolve small details during long distance observations. Compared to a camera with lower image quality you can view a larger area at once without loosing thermal information. With a 640 x 480 pixels camera equipped with at 45 degree lens, an area of about 4 m x 3 m can be inspected at 5 meters distance with only one image. To inspect the same installation with a 320 x 240 pixels camera, also with a 45 degree lens, four images on half the distance are required. Not only does this increase the efficiency in the field, a lower amount of images taken in the field also saves time in the documentation phase.

2 – Thermal sensitivity. Thermal sensitivity describes how small a temperature difference the camera can detect. The better the thermal sensitivity, the smaller the minimum temperature difference the thermal imaging camera can pick up and visualize. Usually the thermal sensitivity is described in °C or mK. The most advanced thermal imaging cameras for building applications will have a thermal sensitivity of 0.03 °C (30 mK). Being able to detect these minute temperature differences is important in most thermal imaging applications. High camera sensitivity is particularly important for building applications where temperature differences are typically lower. Higher sensitivity is needed to capture more detailed images and thus better diagnoses for further actions. The higher the sensitivity the better the camera is able to capture the finest image details even at low temperature differences.

3 – Accuracy. All measurements are susceptible to error, and unfortunately thermal imaging temperature measurements are no exception. This is where the thermal imaging accuracy comes into play. In thermal imaging camera specification sheets the accuracy is expressed both in percentages and degrees Celsius. This is the margin of error within which the camera will operate. The measured temperature might vary from the actual temperature with either the mentioned percentage or absolute temperature, whichever is bigger. The current industry standard for accuracy is ±2 % / ±2 °C. The more advanced thermal imaging cameras from FLIR Systems score even better: ±1 % / ±1 °C.

Most Popular Thermal Imaging Camera

1 – FLIR E4 affordable thermal camera

The Flir E4 is one of most offordable andcheap thermal imaging camera avalaible on Amazon. It’s ergonomics and weight is good. It’s comes with power supply, Li-Ion rechargeable battery, USB cable, waterprof hard case, and FLIR Tools software for Windows PC and Mac OS, and user manual… Check Our Honest Review

2 – FLIR E5 120 x 90 IR Resolution

There are a complete and Honest Review of FLIR E5 Thermal Imaging Camera 120 x 90 IR Resolution and MSX. With the era of detection of hidden faults and covered up technical shortcomings becoming more and more advanced… Check Our Honest Review

3 – FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Imaging System


FLIR brings the C2 thermal camera to the market, and people pounce at it, stimulated by the name of the company itself. With instant popularity in the bag, the camera has been virtually dissected by the users to weigh the pros and the cons. The following review is based on the users’ experiences and the basic claims made by the company……Check Our Honest Review